The most affordable 3D printers are now available in Malaysia. You can now print own plastic prototype models and turn your imagination from 3D drawing into an actual object. Targeted for hobbyist and educators, Designex’s ATHENA and ODYSSEY 3D Printer comes in a complete kits where you can easily setup and watch the enthralling 3D printing happened right in front of your eyes.



Easy to use, compact and foldable 3D printer for home and DIY hobbyist on the move.

Build volume:
120mm (x) x 120mm (y) x
120mm (z) / 1.7 litres

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Latest model – High quality Japan-made enclosure comes in glossy black and white.

Build volume:
150mm (x) x 150mm (y) x
150mm (z)

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Best selling model. Affordable & quality build for hobbyists and educators.

Build volume:
202mm (x) x 162mm (y) x
157mm (z) / 5.1 litres

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The biggest model with dual extruders for multicolor prints or ABS/PLA combination.

Build volume (single print head):
300mm (x) x 300mm (y) x
300mm (z) / 27 litres

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